Colorado cabinet refinishing kit

Refinishing kitchen cabinets in Colorado is well worth the time it takes to do it. You start out with a room that is dim and dingy and end up with a brighter, cleaner kitchen. It only takes a few basic steps to refinish your cabinets.

refinishing kitchen cabinets

Decide How You Will Refinish your Kitchen Cabinets

The first thing you need to do is decide what you will do with your cabinets. You can paint the cabinets or stain and varnish the cabinets. It all depends on what look you want your kitchen to have. You can paint after about any finish has been put on. You will be limited, though, in what stains will work with your wood. In other words, if you have a dark wood like mahogany, you will not be able to put a light pine finish on it. It just will not work.

Gather All the Materials You Will Need

After you determine how you are refinishing your kitchen cabinets, get all the materials you need, most of which should be available to you locally in Colorado. Get the paint or stain and finishing agent, of course. However, you will also need: de-greaser, medium grade sandpaper, tack cloth, primer (if you are painting) and good quality paintbrushes. This is not a job where you want to use rollers or sponges. Now, you take the cabinets down. If you are just refinishing the fronts, take them down. This is easily done by unscrewing a few screws and taking off the hinges. Most drawer pulls are put on with screws also. You do not even have to empty the cupboards or drawers if you do it right and you have standard hardware.

how to refinish cabinets

Clean the Cabinets

Take the cabinets or cabinet fronts into a room or garage where you will do your refinishing. Make sure the room is one where the cabinets will be able to dry without having too much dust stick to their surfaces. Your next job will be to clean the cabinets. If they are like most kitchen cabinets, they are covered with grease and grime. All of that has to come off before you can start refinishing them. Use a good de-greaser and scrub them hard. If you are refinishing a kitchen cabinet that has been painted or varnished before, you will be removing that substance as well, in most cases. You can use oil paint over latex, but if you use latex paint over oil, it will peel. Therefore, if the original paint was oil and you want to use latex, you will have to completely do away with that finish. Ask your paint dealer what kind of chemical product to use to remove the old finish that is on your cabinet. Take along a sample drawer front for your paint dealer to inspect.

Sand First, then Stain or Paint, then Sand Again

Next, you have to sand the cabinets to smooth them. Use medium grade sandpaper and sand them thoroughly and evenly. Be aware that if you are refinishing your kitchen cabinets and you start sanding too soon, you will be grinding grease and dirt right into the surfaces of your cabinets. When you do sand, you want a clean, smooth surface to work with.When the surface is ready for stain or paint, you can apply it with care. If you stain, wait the recommended time before you put on a varnish or polyurethane finish. If you paint, let it dry for several days. In either case, put on the paint or varnish in several thin coats and sand between each coat. When you are finished, do the final sanding with fine sandpaper. The final step to refinishing them is to install them and reinstall the hardware. Once you have done that, you will have a brand new look.

How to Strip and Refinish Kitchen Cabinets - a Quick Step Guide

refinishing cabinets The question of how to strip and refinish kitchen cabinets has been raised several times in a lot of home improvement forums where I participate actively. What I have come to realize is that there is no one best answer to this question. So as you read below keep in mind that there are many other ways of doing it.Stripping Kitchen Cabinets Stripping is a huge hurdle to any one who is looking into refacing kitchen cabinets. It is a painful and very slow process especially if you want to get to the bare wood of the cabinets. The starting point is in removing the old paint from the frames and cabinet sides.You can strip using a produce called Park's Furniture Refinisher. Just rub the wood with steel wool that is soaked in the refinisher until you get to the color you want then wipe off. You can also remove it by sanding with a grit coarse sand paper. You just need to be careful as cabinets made years back tend to have lead in the paint. This is why it is recommended that you do this outside or have some personal protection like overalls, goggles, rubber chemical gloves, hat and cartridge respirator.One thing I should point out here is that no matter how much you try to strip it may be hard to remove all the varnish. In this case you may then use the sanding methods. Try not to start sanding until all the paint is off. Use an orbital sander to make sure that all the paint is removed.Finishing Kitchen CabinetsBecause the question is how to strip and refinish kitchen cabinets, let us now briefly look at the finishing part. Once you are done stripping and sanding them to bare wood you may need to fill some of the holes that are found with wood filler first.Once that is done then you would be ready to finish the cabinets. You have a variety of options that you can use to coat the cabinets. For example, you can refinish them with polyurethane or a coat of minwax or even a cherry stain.The reality is that this is all tedious work. For one if you choose to take down the cabinets in order to strip and refinish them you may run into trouble when trying to put them up again because of house shifting.